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- Annual Meeting -

The American Dragoon Club's Annual Meeting is held in conjunction with the National Young Bird Show, Louisville, Kentucky. The Annual Meeting follows the judging for our Annual Young Bird Meet. Nominations of officers are conducted during the Annual Meeting every odd numbered year. The Officers serve the Dragoon fancy for a period of two years.

- ADC Sponsored Meets -

The Annual Young Bird Show is conducted at the National Young Bird Show, Louisville, Kentucky. The 1997 show is scheduled for November 1st. The Secretary/Treasurer compiles and publishes a premium list for the 16 recognized color classes prior to the show. Champion Dragoon is awarded the Silver Bowl traveling trophy. A breeder who wins Champion Dragoon at Louisville three times retires the traveling trophy.

Regional Meets are sanctioned around the country for the purpose of promoting Dragoons in various locations. This policy was established in lieu of holding one Annual Winter Meet and recognizing one National Champion Dragoon. In the past show sites rotated primarily between Ohio and Pennsylvania due to the higher concentration of Dragoon breeders in these parts of the country, however this was deemed too restrictive for many Dragoon people around the country to participate.

Regional Meet criteria is minimal: two or more ADC members must exhibit Dragoons, an ADC member must serve as "Member in Charge", and proper application for a Regional Meet must be made to the ADC Secretary/Treasurer. In return the ADC will assist in publicity and assist in arraging for rebates from Show Secretarys to be used locally for prizes (premiums, trophies, etc.)

The NPA Grand National Meet is the newest regularly scheduled ADC Meet. This was established during the October, 1996 Annual Meeting as a means to give better exposure to Dragoons and to insure judging consistant with the American Dragoon Club Standard. Though this show will not produce a true national champion, it enables Dragoon breeders around the country to have the national exposure they deserve and qualifies the Dragoons for show rebates that will be used for prizes for that show's winners.

- Membership -

All persons interested in the advancement of Dragoons are invited to become members of the American Dragoon Club. To join, simply submit appropriate dues to the ADC Secretary/ Treasurer. 1997 Annual Dues are: Adult Membership - $15.00, Junior membership - $5.00, Foreign Membership - $15.00 (US currency). Annual Dues should be sent in by March 1 each year.

All members receive a membership card and quarterly issues of the American Dragoon Club Bulletin.

Click here to view a Membership Application. Use the print command on your toolbar to print out and application. Send your application with appropriate dues to the Secretary/Treasurer.

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