The American Dragoon Club Membership Application
American Dragoon Club

ADC Membership Application

To join the American Dragoon Club: print, fill out, and mail the following Membership Application to the ADC Secretary/Treasurer with appropriate dues .


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City, State, Zip

Mail Application to:

R. Joel Kinkade, Jr.
7137 Wedworth
Waterford, MI 48327

E-Mail Address

Phone Number

I, the undersigned, do hereby make application for membership in the American Dragoon Club. I shall, so far as my abilities will permit, promote the objectives of this club to encourage the breeding, exhibiting, and improving of the old English breed of pigeon known as the Dragoon. I further agree to accept and abide by the By-laws and rules of the ADC as being fair and reasonable.
Dues: ___ $15.00 US Adult, ___$5.00 US Junior, ___$15.00 Foreign
Annual Membership Dues Enclosed
(Renewals are due by March 1st)

Signature of Applicant

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