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American Dragoon Club

ADC Bulletin

The American Dragoon Club publishes a quarterly Bulletin with current club information as well as specialized breed information. This Bulletin is the main regular means of communication for the Dragoon Fancy here in America.

Come back to this page quarterly to view the Table of Contents of each issue.

Volume 22 April, 1997 Number 1
  • From the President - Robert W. Tauscher, Jr.
    Importance of Our ADC Bulletin, E-Mail Aids ADC Communications, Announcing the ADC Web Site, Proposed Standard Changes, 1996 National Young Bird Show Comments, 1997 NYBS Date, 1997 NYBS Futurity, 1996 & 1997 ADC Sponsored Meets
  • Congratulations to our new Master Breeders: Henry Jaeger & William J. Schmidt
  • Critiquing Our Last Centerfold - Thomas H. Barnhart
  • Pageant of Pigeons Show Report, Pomona, CA, November 21-23, 1996
  • Proposed Additions to the Standard Colors
    Cream Bar, Andalusian/Indigo, Rare, Any Other Color (AOC)
  • Centerfold: White Dragoon from 1908
  • Midwest Regional Meet, Fremont, OH, January 4, 1997
  • 1996 Treasurer's Report - R. Joel Kinkade
  • English Dragoon Club's Championship Show Report, October 27, 1996
  • Notes from England: The Dragoon Club - Colin Jeckell, Secretary
  • ADC Publicity Director Report - Steven W. Thompson
    New Members, Recent Dragoon Articles in the "Pigeon Debut", Reports from Members Lofts, Reminder to Vote on Proposed Standard Changes, Request for Bulletin Contributions

  • Volume 22 June, 1997 Number 2
    Anticipated Date of Publication: June, 1997

    Volume 22 September, 1997 Number 3
    Anticipated Date of Publication: September, 1997

    Volume 22 December, 1997 Number 4
    Anticipated Date of Publication: December, 1997

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